Setup Guide: Online Scheduling Widget

Learn how to customize and integrate your online scheduler

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Customize design & colors

Now, it's time to customize the appearance of your Online Scheduler. Go to menu > clinic settings > online bookings > design & colors.

Text: This will change the color of the text visible in your online scheduler
Background color: This will change the color of the background of your online scheduler.
Primary color: This will change the color of the upper text field and buttons in your online scheduler
Secondary color: This will change the color of the checkmark and the bar under your services in your online scheduler.

Take a look at the preview in this menu to see how the colors will be visible in your scheduler.

Generate online booking link

Implementing (or integrating) the online calendar to your website is possible as an iframe or overlay. This is the final step in the setup of your scheduler.

To add the scheduling widget to your website, go to menu > clinic settings > online bookings and click the ‘Generate booking URL/Javascript’ button at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you’ve activated SMS texts for your account.

Important: If SMS texts are not activated the button will not be visible.

Now select how you want to integrate the scheduler into your website. You have four options:

  • Link

  • Button

  • Floating button

  • Frame

The link can be used on your website, between your regular texts. It is also possible to have a URL that can be used in email messages, social media messages, etc.

When selecting a button, choose how you wish to open the scheduler, as an overlay or as a new tab. Next, set the button specifics and copy the code.

Note: If you wish to make a button for the scheduler in your own style, that’s possible (with CSS knowledge). It’s recommended to start with the HTML code for a link and adapt that for your own site.

If you need more help, please contact your web developer to support you with the installation.

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