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July 2020 Summer update
July 2020 Summer update
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The summer is magic, even though this COVID-19 period was crazy up till now. The good news is that businesses are starting to get moving again. We're happy to present the following update:


  • Patient details can be exported as a PDF document. Read this article to learn how to export.

  • Patient search query via dashboard is now remembered after quickly returning to the dashboard. This enhancement ends typing the search over and over again while searching for a particular patient when you’re not sure exactly which one is the correct one.

  • “National identification number” is now renamed to the local abbreviation.



  • Clinics can enable the option for patients to leave a note when scheduling online. Read this article and learn how to enable this option.

  • When approving online bookings manually, the appointment is pending until approved. It’s now possible to send e-mail and sms messages for such pending appointments. These messages are customizable as are other email and sms messages. Learn here how to customize these messages.

  • When adding a new physician to the online scheduling tool, now the online availability will automatically be opened instead of the need to perform this manually up to the number of days that are set up to open the online calendar.

  • We improved auto-scrolling, especially for smaller devices like smartphones.

  • When a patient returns to the online scheduling page to reschedule or cancel the appointments, the practitioner’s name is now displayed (if practitioner selection is enabled).

  • We applied some textual improvements to the online scheduler.

  • Important for your marketing team: selected service, appointment type, and locations are sent as analytics events to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager (if enabled). So it’s important to realize that the tracking has changed and has been made more extensive. Please refer to the following articles to learn more: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager.


  • We added an appointment type: Consultation + treatment. This is especially convenient when the first consultation including a treatment takes more time than e.g. a second treatment.

  • When returning to the calendar, the last view is opened again (like e.g. all users)

  • We added an All locations view option for appointments on the dashboard.

  • Sending an email or SMS after a NO SHOW can be very important. We added a customizable no show email/SMS. Read this article to learn how to customize this template.

  • The appointment reminder email and SMS are now sent again if an appointment was postponed (rescheduled) after sending an initial reminder.

  • Past appointments are now displayed differently in the calendar.

  • Appointments, working times, and blocks of removed users remain visible in the calendar.

  • Apart from the above mentionable enhancements, we made various other improvements to the calendar.

Video appointments

  • Start and end time of video appointments are now displayed in the calendar.

  • An Audio (microphone) indicator is added to video appointments screens.

  • UI improvements to video appointments.

  • There's now an option to change input/output devices for video appointments.

  • A warning is displayed when opening video appointments in unsupported browsers.


  • The “First treatment” date is added to the “Patients per treatment” report.

  • There's now an option to subtract tax from sales price when using tax exemption. Read this article to learn where and how to perform this.

  • Planning, finance, and reports of removed users have been made available.

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