Customize and send email and SMS after NO SHOW

This article describes how to customize no-show email and SMS and send it to a patient when marking an appointment as a no-show.

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Unfortunately NO SHOWS are inevitable, even when taking all the possible actions to prevent them. Therefore it could be desirable to send a patient, that didn't show up to his/her appointment, an email, and SMS to inform them.

The context of this email or SMS is up to the clinic.

Sending No-show email and SMS

When marking an appointment as a NO SHOW there will be an option presented to send an email, SMS, or both to the patient.

Customizing No-show email and SMS

To customise the context of this email and SMS open menu > Clinic settings > Email & SMS settings > Appointments.

Next, scroll down and find No-show under the Appointments header and click it.

Customize the text in the following pop-up and click save.

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