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Send data and/or form request manually in-clinic
Send data and/or form request manually in-clinic

How to send medical history or form request in clinic

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In case your patient arrives at the clinic and still didn’t respond to the reminder as well, it’s now possible to send this request manually as well! Instead of providing your patient with an iPad, and asking them to fill in the information, you can inform them they will receive an e-mail or SMS immediately and use their smartphone to fill in their medical data and/or sign the consent form at their convenience while waiting for their consultation.

To check whether the patient has responded to the medical history or consent form request prior to his/her appointment, start by clicking the appointment menu on the right.

Check the pop-up screen to see whether the patient did not respond to the prior request.  A red-colored X will mark this.

Now, click the ‘patient arrived’ button to mark that your patient has arrived at the clinic. To send the request click the way you wish to send the request immediately to your patient.

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