Automatically send medical questionnaires

Learn how to automatically send medical questionnaires together with an appointment confirmation.

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Creating a medical status is an important part of your treatment registration. It is possible for you to automatically send the patient a secure link to fill out the medical questionnaires before they attend their appointment. The patient can answer the questionnaire on their mobile, laptop, PC, or tablet.

Note: Make sure you’ve created a medical questionnaire before completing this setup. Read this article to learn how to create a medical questionnaire.

To automatically send the medical questionnaire. navigate to Menu > Clinic settings > Appointment defaults. Here you can tick the checkbox "Let patient submit data".

Selecting this option means that once an appointment is made, the patient will receive the medical questionnaire together with their appointment confirmation. The patient is redirected to a secured link to answer their medical questions.

New patients are asked to fill in their personal details as well (e.g. home address). This way, they complete their own patient record. We advise you to always verify this data with the patient when they’re attending their first appointment.

Read this article to learn how to change or refresh your medical questions or medical status over a certain period.

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