Setup Guide: Medical Questions

Add medical history and current medical status questions that must be answered during a consultation.

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The medical history and current medical status questions provide you a perfect insight into the medical situation of your patient. Having a full understanding of your patient’s health situation is, of course, essential before starting any treatment. Once you know your patient is healthy enough and no health-related contra-indications exist for the proposed treatment, you can go ahead and start the treatment safely.

Different types of medical questions are possible to create:

  • Yes / No

  • Radio buttons

  • Dropdown

  • Multiple choices

Questions can be optional to answer or required. You’re also able to specify if a particular question is male or female specific and if a question is dependent on the patient’s age.

When a patient books an appointment and receives a confirmation email, a unique secured link in this email directs the patient to the questions you add here. That way the patient can answer these medical questions before he/she attends the appointment.

Note: Make sure to assign a question to all applicable categories. This way the question always shows in the list when selecting a specific treatment category during a consultation.

To add a medical question, open menu > record settings > medical questions. Edit existing questions by clicking on them. Add a new question by clicking on the plus (+) icon in the right upper corner.

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