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Add consent forms that can be signed by your patients.

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In most countries consenting before treatment is essential. Therefore Clinicminds provides the option to sign consent forms before performing a treatment.

Consent forms have different content according to local regulation and legislation. Therefore we as Clinicminds are not allowed to provide you with example content for these forms. We advise you to contact your local providers of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers and ask them for a digital copy of their consent forms. Next, change or add their content to apply to your services.

Lastly, create a new form by opening menu > record settings > forms. Click the plus (+) icon in the right upper corner. Name the consent form. Copy the content of the consent form you received and paste & match style the content into Clinicminds. Assign the created consent form to all applicable categories.


Note: adding and editing consent forms needs to be performed on a PC/Laptop and not on an iPad.

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