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Home Signing in Clinicminds
Home Signing in Clinicminds

Learn how to let your patients sign their consent forms from home.

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Just like filling in the medical questionnaire, patients can sign their consent forms from home on any device they use. Homesigning easily saves you up to 15 minutes for each consultation or treatment. This article explains how to send an informed consent to your patients and how they sign it before attending your clinic.

Note πŸ’‘: Ensure you've added forms and linked them to the correct treatment categories. Read this article to learn how to add forms.

Sending signable forms manually.

While manually scheduling an appointment in the calendar, you can add a signable form to the booking confirmation. This way, your patients are asked to provide their data before attending the clinic. Select the preferred time in the calendar and fill in all information. Now scroll down to 'data and forms' and select 'Let patient sign forms'. Finally, select the to-be signed forms as stated below:

Sending signable forms by default

To send out signable forms by default, navigate to menu > clinic settings > appointment defaults. Here you can tick the checkbox "Let patient sign forms.''
With every booking, the signable consent form is mailed to your patient.

Where is the patient signature visible?

After the patient signs their forms digitally, this will become visible in the scheduled appointment in the calendar as visible below:

Scroll down to the 'record' section when opening the patient overview window. A new record named 'Data before appointment' will be visible. If you click that record, the medical questionnaire (if sent) and signed forms will be visible. You can switch between the attachments by selecting the tabs at the beginning of the screen.

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