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Early May spring 2020 update
Early May spring 2020 update
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Hi there,

Welcome to our early May update. We're excited to announce several sizzling hot requested features we're releasing. Including a major upgrade to the online scheduler!

  • Services can now be grouped in the online scheduler.
    This has been a much requested feature especially by dermatology clinics. Meaning you can now group your laser treatments together!
    ​Click here to learn how to set up groups.

  • Stock can now be adjusted for all locations or all products at once.
    This is useful for clinics with a central stock management.
    ​Click here to learn how the new stock adjustment works.

  • "First treatment" added to "Patients per treatment" report.
    "Which patient came for a certain treatment for the first time in a certain period?" Is a question you can find the answers for with this feature.

  • Minimum age setting for online bookings.
    This feature will help you secure who can make an appointment with you. You can decide what the minimum age is for your clinic.
    ​Click here to learn how to set up a minimum age.

  • Audio/microphone indicator in video appointmentsA little quality of life improvement (and the first of a bunch more!)

  • Fixed a bug that would display cash register as empty for some users.

Thank you for your continued use of Clinicminds. We're looking forward to exciting you with further updates in the future.

Kind regards,

The Clinicminds Team

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