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We’re excited to announce that one of our most significant updates of the last couple of years has just been released. A big shout-out to the complete team for this huge accomplishment.

Clinicminds app has undergone a complete overhaul or, even better said, a total metamorphosis! We redesigned the app and nearly every screen to provide an up-to-date and seamless working experience. But redesigning is not the only thing we did.

As we keep growing, we now support new languages like Italian and Norwegian.

As always, we have listened carefully to our users and discussed their needs and wishes. We thank our growing user base for their ongoing valuable feedback.

This feedback resulted in new features and, of course, several improvements.

Introducing visual Staff planner

The new staff planner has been developed to help you ensure the clinic is well-staffed and simplify the scheduling process of your workforce.

While developing this feature, we quickly recognized that planning needs a different approach than your daily calendar. Therefore we designed a new user interface where clinic management can review the scheduled staff members and their occupancy at a glance.

This planning interface allows you to plan your staff’s working times and blocks faster and easier. The visual view makes it simple to see your staff’s schedule for one or multiple weeks at a time.

On request, it’s now possible to plan repeating working times and blocks. While you could already schedule weekly repeating times before, we now offer more repetition options, like every two weeks or every month. You can also change single instances of repetitions, like in your regular calendar.

Also, we made it possible to set breaks within working times to ensure your practitioners have time between their busy schedules. Previously, you would need to add blocks or split up working times into separate times before and after the break. But now you can add them with a click.

The staff planner displays national holidays, like Christmas and Easter, based on your clinic’s country, so you don’t accidentally schedule something on a day you want to keep free.

Within the staff planner, a progress bar shows how much of the working time is already booked with appointments. This feature allows you to look ahead effortlessly and see if you should do extra marketing to get more bookings. Or, maybe get some additional workforce capacity and schedule more practitioners when your calendar is already filling up.

To look at parts of your staff planning without getting distracted by too many details, you can filter on practitioners, locations, and treatment categories. These filters are especially convenient for larger clinics with many staff members.

Calendar redesign

We also redesigned the calendar to provide a more accessible view for your eyes, focusing on the most critical data. Specific details that were previously always visible can now be toggled on or off, depending on whether you need them.

Additionally, we added some power features when clicking date/resource headers in the calendar. The ‘notes’ and ‘online availability’ buttons were moved here to focus on the essential details in the header. We also added shortcuts to other views (day/week view) and the staff planner, so you can easily switch between them.

The online bookings and waiting list now reside in a side panel on top of the calendar, making it easier to browse through them and placing them closer to the following actions.

International language format support

We added complete internationalization support, so things like dates, times, and currencies will be displayed correctly based on your clinic’s location. Clinicminds now supports 24-hour times as well as 12-hour clocks (AM/PM) and US date notation. Based on your clinic’s language and country, we automatically select the most appropriate formatting, so you don’t need to do anything to make use of this.

This is part one of our announcements on this exciting update. We will be bringing you more news in the coming weeks.

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