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Draft Patients in Clinicminds
Draft Patients in Clinicminds

Learn how to draft patients in Clinicminds

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Drafting patients can be incredibly useful in various situations, allowing you to save patient information for future reference and streamline your workflow. Whether you're dealing with a busy schedule, need to gather additional details before finalising patient records, or simply want to keep organised notes, the draft patient feature provides the flexibility you need. In this article, we will walk you through the feature and explain how they impact your workflow.
​Note: Drafts are stored on the specific device where they are created (so they are not visible on other devices), and stored for 1 hour.

Saving a patient as a draft is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to save a patient as a draft:

  • Begin by adding the patient's information as usual.

  • Once you have completed the necessary details, scroll down to the bottom of the patient form.

  • Click on the "Save as Draft" option. This action will store the patient as a draft, allowing you to revisit and finalise the details later.

A green dot will appear next to the "Add Patient" icon, to represent the draft you just saved:


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