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How is revenue assigned to users in Clinicminds
How is revenue assigned to users in Clinicminds

How is revenue assigned in Clinicminds.

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This article explains how revenue is assigned in Clinicminds. It covers different scenarios, such as treatment revenue, product sales, and consultations, detailing who gets the revenue assigned in each case. It also includes information on manual revenue assignment and how to verify the assigned revenue in patient records.

The different scenario's

  • Treatment Revenue: assigned to the treating practitioner, including any additional purchased products. When you perform a treatment that is part of a previously created treatment plan, the revenue will remain assigned to the person who created the treatment plan.

  • Product Sales: assigned to the user who enters the sale.

  • Consultation with a Treatment Plan: assigned to the user who created the consultation record.

  • Manual Assignment: Revenue from treatments and product sales can be manually assigned to a different user.

  • Verification: Check the assigned name at the bottom of the patient record or in the patient overview window. See screenshots below.

Treamtent plan


Product sale

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