It’s possible to assign a record to a different user. This feature is convenient when assistants or consultants perform consultations and want or need to assign the record to a treating physician. Or, in case a secretary generates a quote or invoice, she can assign the record to a treating physician.

Let’s walk through some possible situations:

  1. The assistant joins the physician during the consultation and takes notes in real-time during this consultation. In this case, it’s more logical that the physician will log in Clinciminds under his or her account. This way the record will immediately be assigned to the physician.
  2. The assistant or consultant independently performs a consultation. In this case, it’s very important that the consultant logs in with his or her own username and password for registration. In case no quote or invoice is generated and no physician has consulted immediately after,  the record can stay assigned to the consultant. If the patient returns for a treatment, the physician that is filling in the treatment tab will be asked automatically to take over the record. This way revenue will be allocated to the treating physician.
  3. The assistant or consultant is performing a consultation and needs to generate a quote or invoice. As you probably want the revenue to be allocate to the treating physician,  the following steps are indicated:1. Create a new record, fill in the consultation and medical history questions as normal.2. Assign the record to the treating physician3. Generate the quote or invoice.4. Close the record.Please note: step 2 and 3 can be reversed

Finally, please be aware that you have to turn on the right for consultants to assign a record to a different user. To do so, tick the checkbox “Assign record to a different user” in their user role. Also, they need to have the right to create a quote or invoice.

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