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Adding and sending attachments
Adding and sending attachments

Learn how you can add attachments such as photos and important documents to a patient file or a treatment record and how to send them.

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Adding an attachment to a patient file or a treatment record is one of many convenient features of Clinicminds, ranging from photos (Such as IDs) to important documents.

Patient overview window

To add an attachment to a patient file, simply go to the patient overview, and from there, right down at the bottom of the page, you’ll see ‘Add attachment’ under the "attachments" header:

Click on the + icon to the right and select the file that you want to add as an attachment. Keep in mind that you can only upload PDF, DOC, DOCX, and JPEG files up to 10MB.

Medical records

Follow the same steps when adding an attachment to a treatment record, simply go to a treatment record (it does not matter if the record is closed or not) and go to the ‘Case history’ tab.

From there, upload your attachment under "photos and attachments". Clicking the + icon expands the menu, from here you’ll be able to add a photo and/or attachment of your choice:

Send attachments to patients

When clicking an uploaded attachment, a pop-up will appear. Allowing you to download/open, delete or edit the attachment. You can also choose to send the attachment to a patient with one click. To do so, click the "send to patient-button "as shown below:

This uses our existing messaging feature, allowing you to send an e-mail with a secured download link to the attachment:

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