How to set up Restrictions in the Planner

Learn how restrictions allow you to have greater control over appointment scheduling.

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With our planner restrictions feature, you can easily set limitations on specific treatment categories and appointment types, ensuring that certain appointments can only be scheduled during designated time frames. Whether you need to reserve part of the day for specific treatments or restrict video appointments to specific hours, this feature provides the flexibility and convenience you need. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up and using restrictions for working hours.

Setting up Restrictions:

To begin using restrictions for working times, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the menu > Planning

  2. Choose the applicable date and times for which you want to set restrictions. You are also able to set repetitions in the planner.

  3. Select the applicable practitioner and location.

  4. Under the "Restrictions" header, specify the treatment categories that the restrictions will affect. Select the desired category/categories from the available options.

  5. Next, select the appointment type(s) that the restriction will be applied to. You can choose from the available appointment types for more precise control.

  6. Add notes or finalise and click "Save"

Manual Bookings and Restricted Times:

For manual bookings made by your staff, restricted times will be clearly indicated in the calendar. Here's how your staff can identify and work with these restricted time slots:

• Restricted times will be displayed as yellow fields in the calendar, contrasting with the usual white fields.

• When your staff selects a time that falls within a restricted period, a pop-up will appear displaying the restrictions in a yellow field.

• If your staff attempts to schedule an appointment for a different appointment type or treatment category during a restricted time, a pop-up will appear indicating that the selected period does not allow the selected appointment types or treatments. However, users can overrule this restriction if needed:

Online Bookings and restrictions:

When it comes to online bookings, restrictions for working times are automatically applied to the available times. The online scheduler will display the available times based on the set-up restrictions. The scheduler will only present the assigned times that are within the allowed periods for each appointment type and treatment category.

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