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We redesigned the calendar to provide a view that is easier on your eyes, focussing on the most important data. Certain details that were previously always visible, can now be toggled on or off, depending on whether you need them. This article explains the new structure and view of the calendar.


Subscribe to calendar, show/ hide appointment details & show/hide legend.

The three dots in the bottom right of the calendar will allow you to generate your calendar URL to subscribe to. In addition, you can toggle on/off the appointment details and legend in the calendar:

Online availability, week view & planning

If you now click the name of a certain practitioner in the calendar you're able to adjust their online availability, switch to their week/day view, or show that specific practitioners working times in the staff planner:

In the week view, you're also able to add notes on a daily basis by clicking the date. You can manage their online availability from here as well, switch to day view, or jump straight to the staff planner:

Waiting list & online bookings

We merged the waiting list & online bookings buttons into one side panel! The button stated below will open the side panel and allows you to easily access your online bookings and waiting list:

As you can see, we added a search bar to the waiting list as well!

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