Subscribe to a calendar feed

Learn how to find and subscribe to your calendar feed in an external calendar

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It can be very convenient to review your patient appointments in one calendar with, for example, your private appointments. To do so, you need to subscribe to your Clinicminds calendar feed. 

Important: Please keep in mind this feed syncs one way. This means that all changes made to the Clinicminds calendar will reflect and synced to your feed and your device. 

To subscribe to your feed, open the calendar and click the three dots in the lower right corner. Next, click: ''Subscribe to calendar'' and copy the calendar URL.

Now, you can subscribe to this calendar by pasting this URL to for example Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook calendar, etc. 

Reset calendar feed

If one of your users accidentally loses or shared their calendar feed URL (which provides access to your appointment data), you can invalidate the calendar feed URLs of specific users easily. Therefore, reset the calendar feed URLs of this specific user (which can be found in the user account settings).

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