Device settings questionnaire

Learn how to setup a custom list of Device (Machine) settings to fill in during or after a treatment.

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When using devices, you probably need and want to register the applied settings during the treatment. Reviewing these settings during the next appointment is important to adjust future settings for successive treatments.

It is important to register these settings thoroughly and consistently. Therefore we advise using the Device settings pop-up window in the treatment tab.

To make this pop-up window available, together with the correct custom settings questionnaire, please follow Menu > Record Settings > Treatment > Device Settings

Now, start adding the required questions exactly the same way you've set up the medical questionnaire. You're able to use any kind of question model you need, for example, drop-downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, yes/no, etc.

Important❗️: Make sure to assign each question to the correct treatment(s).

Using the device settings button in the treatment tab will open a pop-up window with the setup questions. For example:

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