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Custom treatment report questionnaire
Custom treatment report questionnaire

Learn how to set up custom default treatment questions to register treatment specifications

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After performing a treatment, the treatment registration needs to be done thoroughly and consistently. The treatment tab already contains a section called 'treatment report' where you can add free text regarding the performed treatment. In this free text section, text templates can be used.

To support a more extensive treatment registration we introduce the treatment report questionnaire. With this questionnaire, you're able to add specific questions to register all kinds of details about the treatment. You're able to use dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

For example:

To add this questionnaire in the treatment tab, just above the free text treatment report, open Menu > Record settings > Treatment > Treatment report

Start adding each question. Use any type of question model you wish to.

Important❗️: Assign each question to the applicable treatments.

In the end, it could look something like this:

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