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Set up and use GP Letter

Learn how to set up and use the default template for GP letters, including treatment-specific GP letters.

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During a treatment, the practitioner can create a GP letter. This letter informs the patient’s GP about the treatment that was performed.

You can set up a default clinic template for GP letters. Additionally, you can choose for each treatment whether a GP letter is created by default, and supply a treatment-specific text.

During a treatment, the practitioner can edit the GP letter that is generated from the templates. Editing allows the practitioner to add relevant information about the specific treatment of the patient.

Furthermore, the treatment summary or operative report (if set up) can be attached to the GP letter, if you want to provide more information to the GP.

To edit the GP letter templates, open menu > Record Settings > Records > GP Letter in the app.

Header and Footer

Click the Header and Footer template to edit the default header and footer for all GP letters in your clinic:

Treatment-Specific Templates

Click one of your treatment to set up the GP letter for that specific treatment:

Tick the checkbox to enable creating a GP letter for that treatment. If enabled, you can enter a treatment-specific text that will be included in the GP letter.

When multiple treatments are performed at the same time, the treatment-specific texts will be combined automatically in the GP letter of that record.


To always attach the treatment summary or operative report to GP letters, open menu > Record Settings > Records > Record Defaults. At the bottom of the page, you can choose whether the treatment summary and operative report should be attached to the GP letter by default. This choice can be overridden when creating a GP letter during a treatment.

Email Templates

To edit the email templates that are used when sending the GP letter, open menu > Clinic Settings > Email & SMS Templates > Records in the app.

The template GP Letter to Patient is used when sending the GP letter to the patient. By default, the template contains instructions requesting the patient to forward the attached GP letter to their GP.

The template GP Letter to GP is used when sending the GP letter directly to a patient’s GP.

Send GP letter during or after the treatment

In the treatment tab click on the GP letter button and follow the steps to send a GP letter to patients and/or their GP. 

When sending the GP letter, a secured download button is used that remains valid for one week. If the GP letter is sent to 

  • the patient, they have to enter their date of birth as verification.

  • the GP directly, the download page displays the patient’s name and birth day/month, and the GP has to enter the patient’s birth year as verification.

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