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Set up and use the operative report
Set up and use the operative report

Learn how to set up and use the operative report to document the treatment or surgery you performed.

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To set up the operative report, follow the next steps

Follow the steps below to set up operative report templates:

  1. Add new items to the list by clicking the “+” button in the top right corner, select a question type, and fill in the information.
    You are able to select one or multiple templates by clicking on “Add template”. After that, you can link the operative report to the corresponding treatment(s).

  2. With "text field" questions, you can create different templates that describe your complete surgical procedure. This way, if there are several approaches for a procedure, you can have the different procedure templates available and add them on the fly.

    surgical procedure templates
  3. If you would like to see what your operative report will look like in the record, use the “Preview” link at the bottom of the screen

To use the operative report during treatment registration

After surgery, it's often required to create an operative report. Follow these steps to document the operative report in a structural and consistent way:

  1. Go to a patient’s record and add an applicable treatment (surgery).

  2. The “Operative report” button now shows up on the treatment tab.

  3. Click the “Operative report” button and fill in the question according to your template.

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