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Set up and use the surgical checklist
Set up and use the surgical checklist

Learn how to set up surgical checklists in Clinicminds.

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To set up the surgical checklist, navigate to Menu > Record settings > Surgical checklist, and select the small plus icon in the top right corner to add a new question to the checklist. Once selected you can choose the question type and assign it to the correct treatment.

Selecting "Preview" will provide you with an oversight of what the questions will look like.

After setting up the surgical checklist, you can now make use of it in a new record! The surgical checklist will be visible in the treatment tab under the selected treatment. Make sure to fill out all the checklists you have added so that you can proceed with the record.

โ€‹Note: There is a separate permission for entering sign-in and sign-out checklists in treatment records. If the sign-in and sign-out are performed by different people than the practitioner, they can enter those checklists from their own account without needing practitioner permissions. Click here to go to "User roles" in order to change user permissions.

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