In some cases, or during some consultations you might want to ask your patient additional (repetitive) questions. These questions can be category-specific, for instance, you want to add set extra questions for a botox treatment such as: how often do you work out per week? How intense is this workout? Or, do you have a lot of stress at work? 

This is a function to allow standard questions to return during the consultation (with the chosen category) or inspection.

To add custom questions to the case history, navigate to:

Menu > Record settings > Case History > Case history questions


Menu > Record settings > Inspection > Inspection questions

Click the plus icon and you will be given a template. Here you can choose the question type (Header, text, text field, yes or no button, checkboxes, radio buttons or drop-down) and write the question, choose the treatment category, gender specification (does the question apply to just male or female or both?) and age specification.  

Repeat this sequence to add more questions.

Tip 💡

Use the preview link at the bottom to quickly review the questionnaire.

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