Clinics are performing more surgery, and regulation regarding small and large surgery is increasing. In some cases or circumstances, it’s advisable to walk through an extra risk assessment.

Learn how to use Risk Assessment, to have your practitioner answer extra questions or perform extra checks during consultations for surgeries and other (high-risk) treatments.

Examples are:

  • When using general anesthetics.

  • When the BMI is an important risk.

  • Tracking allergies.

  • Smoking.

  • Previous post-operative infections

  • And-so-forth.

Setup Risk Assessment

Open Menu > Record settings > Records > Risk Assessment

Start adding new questions for the risk assessment list. Make sure to attach each assessment question to the applicable categories, sex and age.

Using Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Button

While adding a new record of a category to which the risk assessment was assigned, the Risk assessment will automatically appear. Make sure to answer all the questions. The answers will be registered in the consultation tab.  


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