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Learn how to set-up and add fiscal question to support tax exemption

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Tax exemption is allowed in some countries or regions when the (aesthetic) treatment is considered medical.

Often, the physician determines if tax exemption is applicable. But in some circumstances, according to local tax authorities, the tax exemption needs to be supported by several questions to determine if the treatment is indeed determined correctly as a medical treatment.


  1. Does the patient experience psychological pressure? Yes/No

  2. Will the treatment improve the well-being of the patient? Yes/No

  3. Etc. Yes/No

  4. Etc. Yes/No

If all questions are answered with "Yes" you're allowed to exempt the treatment from tax.

Therefore we introduced custom fiscal questions. Set up these custom questions to support tax exemption in your clinic. To start, open Menu > Record Settings > Case History > Fiscal Questions

You can start setting up the required questionnaire precisely the same way you've set up the medical questions.

Tip 1πŸ’‘: Finish the questionnaire with a 'description' field to support practitioners in the clinic and remind them when tax exemption is applicable.

Tip 2πŸ’‘ : In case you need to provide proof to the local tax authority, showing that tax exemption is determined in every record, there's an option to export this questionnaire via our reports section.

Example of how it would look in a record:

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