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Learn how to exempt your treatment from tax as a medical service.

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Setup: How to set up tax exemption for a treatment

To exempt a treatment from tax as a medical service navigate to your Menu > Record settings > Treatments. 

Select the treatment you wish to exempt, scroll down, and click the checkbox Exempted from tax as medical service and press save at the bottom of the page. 

Additionally, in the settings, you need to decide on your approach to managing Tax. You have two choices: either retain the Tax amount within your clinic's revenue, or adjust the selling price, passing the Tax benefit directly to your customers

How to use it: Exempting a treatment from tax

Now, this treatment can be exempted from tax. This is a physician's decision. During the case history, the practitioner needs to tick the checkbox exempt from tax as a medical treatment.

In the treatment tab, you are able to uncheck certain treatments that should not be exempted from tax.

Fiscal questionnaire supporting tax exemption

In some countries or regions, tax exemption for medical aesthetic treatments needs to be supported with several screening questions. Normally this screening is performed by the practitioner. To learn how to set up this questionnaire in the case history tab, just before the tax exemption checkbox, click here.

Tax Exemption in Financial Reports

Moreover, the system provides functionality for generating financial reports. These reports can assist in determining whether tax exemption was applied to a patient's invoice. They include details such as 'Tax Exemption: True/False', tax amounts, and total figures, enabling a comprehensive review of financial records in relation to tax exemptions.

Important: Changes to prices or tax settings only apply to new records. Existing records will keep using the old values. To test or apply the new values, first change the settings, and then create a new record. Read more

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