In countries where multiple sales tax rates need to be invoiced for treatments (e.g., United States, Canada), you're able to add these tax rates to Clinicminds. After adding these tax rates, you will need to specify per treatment which sales taxes are applicable. 

First, start by opening the Menu > Clinic Settings > Finance > Tax Rates.
There you can add all the needed tax rates, for example, "VAT,” “GST,” “State Tax,” and “City Tax." Use the +-icon in the upper right corner to add a new Tax Rate.

After adding all relevant tax rates, specify per treatment which tax rates need to be invoiced. To do so, open Menu > Record Settings > Treatments & Products > Treatments. Choose the applicable treatment and add all applicable taxes. 

To learn how to set up Clinicminds to show sales prices including or excluding sales tax, please read "How to show sales prices including or excluding taxes".

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