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Spring update April 2021
Spring update April 2021
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We're happy to bring you another great update, with new features and improvements to our software.

Here’s a summary of this release:


  • Take credit/debit card deposits over the phone! When a patient calls to book an appointment, you can enter their card number to charge the deposit immediately. The card details are directly processed by Stripe, making it very easy to charge deposits over the phone securely and compliant. Visit the help article!

  • We send an email to the clinic for failed deposit payments. When patients use a delayed payment method, like SEPA or BACS Direct Debit, payments can take several days to process. When such a payment fails, you will now receive a clear email that explains the situation and follow-up steps. (For immediate payment methods, like credit/debit card and iDEAL, the patient will be instructed to retry the payment directly, and you don’t need to do anything.)


  • You’re now able to send an SMS to a patient with one click! This can be helpful if you’re having a delay in your schedule, or in other situations when you want to reach patients quickly. Simply click “Send SMS”, type your message, and hit “Send”. You can also add your own templates if you need to send the same message often. Visited the help article!

  • We’ve reorganized the communication log for appointments in the calendar. All sent messages and the edit log are now available in a collapsible at the bottom of the screen. It’s now possible to manually resend more sorts of messages than before. Additionally, we also track the sending date/time of rescheduling and cancelation emails separately, making the log more accurate.

Improved treatment reminders

  • Include an online booking button in treatment reminder emails. For each treatment, you can enable this and choose the applicable service. This allows the patient to book a repeat treatment, just by a click of a button. No delays mean more conversions! Visit the help article!


  • It’s now possible to enter notes for manual stock adjustments. This way, you can better keep track of your stock, and register why you performed some adjustment. Notes can easily be applied to all adjustments you’re entering at the same time (e.g., if you receive a batch of stock). Notes are displayed in the app and in exports. Visit the help article!

  • When viewing the log of past stock adjustments, you can now filter by date. This makes it less heavy to look for specific adjustments, both for you and your computer!


  • Notes and the edit log are now included in a record PDF export. This makes the export more complete.

They are now in a more logical place, and some screens are now less cluttered than before.

Stay tuned for upcoming product releases. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback via

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