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Review stock adjustment logs
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It’s possible to quickly review stock mutation logs or download reports of current stock counts and mutations. Please continue reading to learn how to perform these actions.

Stock mutation in administration

To quickly review or edit your current stock open menu > administration. Choose to review product stock or treatment material stock.

When for example choosing treatment material stock you will see all current treatment materials and their stock count. To review stock mutations, click on a treatment material. To edit the current stock, click the pencil at the end of the stock rule.

Note: if you have multiple locations please read article: "Stock adjustments for multiple locations or all products at once"

Date filter

When viewing the log of past stock adjustments, you can now filter by date. This makes it less heavy to look for specific adjustments.

Adjust stock

Click on the pencil icon to make adjustments to the stock count.

Adjustment notes

t’s now possible to enter notes for manual stock adjustments. This way, you can keep track of your stock, and register why you performed some adjustments. Notes can easily be applied to all adjustments you’re entering at the same time (e.g., if you receive a batch of stock). Notes are displayed in the app and in exports.

Download  stock and mutations as a report

To download the current stock count and mutations as a report open menu > analytics > reports. Scroll down and choose the applicable report.

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