Setup Guide: Locations

Add additional locations, if your clinic has multiple locations.

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If you have multiple clinic locations, please navigate to menu > clinic settings > locations. You can add the various locations via the blue + icon on the top right of the screen.

Please note that some settings must be set up individually per location, such as clinic data (address, a different phone number, etc).


For each location, you can specify information relevant to the location.

The default email footer can be found via menu > clinic settings > email & SMS messaging > email template To use a different footer for a specific location, uncheck the box next to the footer and edit.

SMS messaging

The default SMS sender name can be found via menu > app settings > account > SMS messaging. To use a different SMS messaging name for a specific location, uncheck the box and edit.

NOTE: For specific countries, currently the UK/GB and Australia, it's necessary to register the clinic's preferred SMS sender, which can be a name or a phone number. If this is not done, SMS messages will be dispatched from a generic sender, such as "CLINIC".


Set up the correct users, allowed to work in the specific location. To edit users go to menu > app settings > users > users accounts

Important: Your subscription must include multiple-location support.

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