Online Scheduler

Short booking URL

We now offer a shorter and more beautiful URL to your online scheduler, such as:

You can create these URLs for your complete clinic, a specific location, or even only a specific service. These URLs look more attractive when visible to clients on, for example, your social media profiles.

To get started go to Clinic settings > Calendar > Online booking settings

Adjust styling in the online booking widget

Customize the colors of your online scheduler to match your clinic’s website and corporate identity. You can change the background and foreground (text) colors and the primary and secondary colors used for buttons and controls. This way, your online scheduler will feel more like a part of your clinic’s website and identity than being a separate system.

To get started go to Clinic settings > Calendar > Online booking settings

Other Improvements

When you schedule an appointment or approve an online booking, we now show a list of other future appointments with that patient, if there are any.

You can now send brochures with manual email messages. Additionally, when scheduling an appointment or closing a record, you can now also send brochures from other treatment categories than used in the current appointment/record. That way, you can easily inform patients about other treatments that your clinic offers if they express interest.

  • We added a filter for ‘your’ or ‘all’ open records when taking a photo from our iPhone app.

  • The menu now indicates the current active page, to make it easier to find where you are in the navigation.

  • Various other small improvements around the app.

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