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Payments - feature update April 2020
Payments - feature update April 2020
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The awaited payments update is live. That means an important change for everyone, let’s have a look at what’s going on.

Changes to payments

  1. The biggest change is about invoicing a treatment that will be paid later. Prior to this update, you could have set up a payment method called “outstanding” or “bank transfer” and register that during invoicing, which would leave the payment ‘outstanding’ in the administration. Later on, after receiving the payment, you would register it as paid.

    Now, whenever a payment is not performed immediately in the clinic, you have to choose “Outstanding”, which is a built-in feature of the app. After receiving the payment, you can register and select the correct payment method. This could consist of e.g. a single payment through “bank transfer”, or even separate “bank transfer” and “credit card”, etc.

  2. In the old situation, after receiving a payment, you confirmed the prior chosen payment method. This wasn’t ideal, because you didn’t know in advance which payment method the patient would use.

    Now you’re able to register the specific payment for an outstanding amount at the time you received the payment.

  3. For existing payments that were still ‘outstanding’, the change applies as well: the outstanding payment method you chose earlier no longer applies, and you can select the payment method at the time you receive and register the payment.

All changes point by point



  • Custom text on quotes (with treatment category-specific templates)
    This can be used to carefully instruct your patients and to set expectations. Such as how to contact you and what the next steps are such as partial payments, payment terms, and your terms. Read more


  • Custom text on invoices (with treatment category-specific templates).
    With the new payment updates, we’re implementing much better support for pre-payments. Being able to edit custom text on your invoices will help you communicate clearly to your patients what your expectations are such as partial payments and payment terms. Read more

  • More than two payment methods can be used for an invoice, and payment methods can be used multiple times
    Greater flexibility in registering your payments will help you build up your payment registration 100% correct.

  • Invoices can remain outstanding (in full or partially).
    Outstanding payments are here! This will let you register pre-payments or partial payments and handle the remaining payments later. The possibilities are endless. Read more

  • Payment status is clearly displayed for (outstanding) invoices (in the app and on the invoice)
    This will help clinics who manage outstanding payments, arrange for payments to be completed timely. 


  • (Partial) payments can be registered for outstanding invoices. Read more

  • Payment confirmations (with an up-to-date invoice) can be emailed to patients after registering a (partial) payment.

  • Registered payments can be removed (in case of errors).

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