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How to register a payment, prepayment or outstanding payment

How do I register a payment for an outstanding invoice or quote

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If you receive a payment when the patient has only received a quote:

Navigate to ‘Menu > Finance > Quotes

In this screen, use the filters to find the appropriate quote. Press ‘invoice’ on the right to start registering a payment.

In the following screen, please register the appropriate payment. You can also register a partial payment.

After this, the invoice will move to the ‘invoices’ section under ‘Menu > Finance

When the patient has already received an invoice

When you register a full, partial or remaining payment on an existing invoice. Navigate to the ‘Menu > Finance > Invoices’ section. Find the correct invoice, and press ‘payment’ to add to or complete an already made payment.

Alternative route

The second way to register an outstanding invoice is to navigate directly to the patient’s treatment plan on their patient card. You can find your quotes or invoices at the bottom of the treatment plan. Where you can press ‘invoice or payment’ to register a payment.

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