How to correct payments

Learn how to correct incomplete or incorrect payments.

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It can happen that a payment gets invoiced incorrectly (e.g., selecting an incorrect payment method). This article will show you how to correct a wrong payment.

There are two ways to correct an incorrect payment:


The first option is the invoice overview. Navigate to Menu > Finance > Invoices; here, you can filter out the date of the payment that was invoiced incorrectly and select "Payment”:

Now, you can delete the incorrect payment and register a new or additional payment method:


Another way to correct an incorrect invoice is by opening the record of the linked invoice. To do this, go to the patient’s overview window and select the correct record. Go to the ‘’Payment tab’’ and open the ‘’Invoices’’ dropdown. Here you select “Payment”:

Now you can delete the incorrect payment and add a new payment, as stated in the example above.

Note: If the invoice is created as a result of a treatment plan, you can find the invoice in the “Treatment plan/quote” - tab.

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