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How do I add information on my quotes

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It’s possible to include extra text on each quote, for example instructing patients how to accept the quote.

This function consists of two options, a generic and a category-specific. Generic: this refers to the default text on every quote. Category-specific: this means you can focus the text specifically to each category. For example, you can have a different instruction for ‘injectables’ as opposed to ‘eyebrow surgery’.

Set up generic text

Navigate to menu > clinic settings > finance > quotes & invoice defaults change the Quote text, and press Save. This is the generic text that will be printed on each quote.

To set up category specific text

Select the applicable category. Now add specific texts for quotes (or invoices) for the selected category. Finish by selecting the save button.

Text on quotes will be printed here (see below pdf image). The category-specific text will be added below the general quote text.

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