Custom text on invoices

Learn how to print customs texts on invoices (category specific) to carefully instruct your patients.

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Custom text on invoices can be used to carefully instruct your patients and to set expectations. Such as how to contact you and what the next steps are such as partial payments, payment terms, and your terms.

Set up generic text

With the new payment updates, we’re implementing better support for pre-payments. Being able to edit and print custom text on your invoices will help you communicate clearly to your patients what your expectations are such as partial payments and payment terms.

To add custom texts on invoices navigate to Menu > Clinic settings > Quotes & invoices defaults

To set up category specific text

Select the applicable category. Now add specific texts for quotes (or invoices) for the selected category. Finish by selecting the save button.

Text on invoices will be printed here (see below pdf image). The category-specific text will be added below the general invoice text.

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