Options to create quotes following consultations are:

  • During consultation make a quote

  • During consultation create a treatment-plan and make a quote

  • During consultation create a treatment-plan or make a quote afterwards

How to create and send a quote

Start a new record and fill out the case history. When you’re done, mark the checkbox ‘quote’ at the bottom of the case history.

Note: you can make a treatment plan alongside a quote (by marking both boxes)

Continue filling out the record, after the medical state, you’ll be directed to your quote/treatment plan. Mark the appropriate treatments and finish your quote. You can use the quote notes to fill out instructions, like how a patient could accept the quote.

When you’re done, press ‘create quote’ - A quote will now be generated and sent to your patient. You can also review this quote in the quote/treatment plan section, or under Menu > Finance > Quote


When you created a treatment plan without marking the ‘quote’ checkbox, after closing the treatment plan. Select the record you just made. Now, you can press ‘create quote’ on the generated treatment plan to create a quote and send it to your patient. Note you can use the quote creation screen to add notes.

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