Create Treatment plan

You want to create a treatment plan for a patient. Patient is interested in large treatment (multiple treatments needed, for example). You want to keep it accessible and only provide a treatment plan with specified prices, without immediately making a quote.

As you can read in the diagram below, you can create a quote and invoice at a later stage in order to start the treatments from the treatment plan.

Note: If a patient partly agrees with the treatment plan/quote, click ‘’Duplicate treatment plan/quote’’ to duplicate the record and edit the original treatmentplan.

Create treatment plan and invoice

You have made a treatment plan and want to make an invoice immediately since the patient has agreed. You want to schedule an operation or a substantial treatment at a later date, and you want the patient to pay the invoice amount in advance (full or partly).

Create Treatment plan and start a treatment (including signature)

In this scenario, treatment starts immediately after the plan during the same appointment. You prefer a signature from the patient for the type of treatment and amount before carrying out the treatment.

Create treatment plan and Quote

You want to make a treatment plan and a quote for a patient. Someone comes by for primary treatment (multiple treatments needed, for example). The advantage of this approach is that patients can feel more committed to continuing by specifying payment instructions and the price in a quotation.

This approach is a bit more commercial. As you can read in the diagram below invoicing and treatment are done at a later stage.

Create Quote

This is the only scenario where treatment plans are not created. This approach can be beneficial during a consultation where a financial overview for the patient is sufficient. Quotes can be helpful, for example, at clinics that have consultants who are not allowed to make medical treatment plans but want to present a price proposal to the patient to know approximately where they stand.

As you can read in the diagram below invoicing and treatment are done at a later stage.

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