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Start treatment from a package
Start treatment from a package

How to start a treatment belonging to a treatment package

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After registering a treatment package and the payment, you’re able to start performing those treatments. To do so, follow the instructions below.

Open the patient overview window. Scroll down and find the treatment plan/record with the green icon, indicating it is still active and credits are available.

Open this record, scroll down and click the ‘start treatment’ button at the bottom right.

The previous consultation will be opened. Check to see if the texts and thus the medical information is still up to date. Continue to check the medical history.

Next, sign the applicable consent forms and register the treatment.

In this screenshot, you see there’s one treatment selected out of two, register all other info as usual, and close the record to proceed to the payment tab.

The summary shows a zero invoice since this treatment has been paid for already, finish up by confirming this invoice.

When opening the patient history and selecting Treatment plans/quotes, you can see that there is still one out of two credits remaining, the icon on the record, therefore, remains green.

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