Add a complete treatment

How to add a complete treatment

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To add a new treatment you must first bring up the profile of the patient in question, then scroll down to the subsection “records” and click on add record. Next, choose a new consultation and pick the right treatment category.

Enter all information regarding your patient in the free text fields. Check all the discussed points. Don’t forget to mark the treatment as exempt from VAT when applicable. Continue by clicking the next button.

Answer all medical questions, or call up the historical answers. Now, choose the appropriate informed consent and let your patient sign the form.

Continue to the treatment tab. 

Enter all performed treatments and if required or desirable the LOT numbers.

Take a picture with your iPad, or upload a picture using your PC. Create a sketch of the performed procedure and add notes if desirable.

NOTICE: If the record is complete, continue by choosing the close and next button. If you need to edit the treatment information on a later stage, choose the Next and close later button.

Finally, continue with the payment. Choose the appropriate payment method and confirm the payment.

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