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How do I register a complication?
How do I register a complication?

This article describes how to report a complication or

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To register a complication:

  1. open the patient record.

  2. Click on the appropriate treatment record you wish to review.

  3. Review your treatment and if needed your drawings and photos.

  4. Next, click the add inspection – after treatment button.

  5. Review the patient, enter all information as needed in the text fields.

  6. Upload or shoot photos.

  7. Now, select the dropdown menu of the "complications" section.

  8. Select the applicable treatment and complication.

  9. Finally, finish up by clicking the save button.

Side effects

To register a side effect follow the same process as registering a complication. Instead of opening the complications dropdown, click the side effects dropdown and follow the process.

Set up side effects and complications

To add or edit the list of side effects or complications, open menu > Records settings > Records. From there choose "complications" or "side effects".

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