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How do I create a prescription?
How do I create a prescription?

This article explains how to prescribe and create prescription templates

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Prescription templates

It's possible to prescribe medication with Clinicminds.

You’re able to create prescription templates. Think of prescriptions you often prescribe often. During the process, you will be able to click on an existing prescription template to view and edit it.

To start, open up the menu > record settings > prescriptions > medicines

To create a new prescription template, click the plus button in the right upper corner. Enter all the information and save it.


Next, you’re able to add the information about pharmacies you often work with. Click pharmacies under the prescriptions section. To view and edit existing entries, click on it.

To enter a new pharmacy, click the plus button in the right upper corner. Enter all the needed information and save it.

Prescribing during a consultation, treatment, or review

To prescribe medication, click the prescription button in for example the treatment tab. Select one of the pre-defined prescriptions, or choose ‘other’ to create one on the spot.

Next, choose the pharmacy you want to send the prescription to. Sign the prescription and confirm it.

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