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How do I add a LOT number and Unique Product Code?
How do I add a LOT number and Unique Product Code?

This article explains how to add a LOT-number to a used treatment product

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LOT number required or not

It's important to specify if registering a LOT number is optional or required for each treatment type.

Choose menu > treatments & products > treatments from the menu. Next select the appropriate treatment type to enable the LOT number feature during treatment registration.

Adding LOT-number during treatment

When adding a treatment with the LOT number feature set to required, the system will automatically ask for the LOT number. Add the LOT number in the popup window. You can manually add a new LOT number or choose one of the 3 last used LOT numbers.

To view or edit the LOT number click the barcode icon in the treatment list.

Unique product code

Once products will start to have unique product codes (recent European regulation) you're able to register this code just below the Lot number and expiration text boxes.

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