How to enable the two-factor-authentication

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Two-factor-authentication is a security measure. By using 2FA, you’re able to increase the security of your account and prevent non-authorized usage of your account.

Before you start, make sure to download and install google authenticator on your mobile phone. This is available for Android as well as iOS.

To enable two-factor-authentication after installing google authenticator, open the menu > app settings > account settings. Next, choose ‘enable two-factor-authentication’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that after activating the 2FA you’ll always need google authenticator to log in.

Admin users will be able to require all users to activate and use 2FA with google authenticator.

Tip: if you will be changing your mobile phone, please make sure to first disable 2FA with your current google authenticator account. Then install a new google authenticator on your new phone and re-enable 2FA for your account.

2-FA on a user level

You can set two-factor authentication (2FA) requirements for specific users. If you only want to enforce 2FA for certain users in your clinic or exclude some users from your global requirement, then use this setting.

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