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Changing price, tax and related settings
Changing price, tax and related settings

Purpose: This help article provides guidance on how Clinicminds processes changes to pricing, taxes, or related settings.

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When settings related to prices, taxes, or similar aspects are changed in ClinicMinds, these updates only apply to new records created after the changes. Existing records remain unaffected.

When you update settings related to prices or taxes, navigate to the settings section and input the new values. Confirm and save these changes.

  1. Impact on Records:

    • Understand that these changes do not retroactively alter existing records.

    • Only new records created post-change will reflect these updates.

  2. Troubleshooting:

    • If issues arise after changing settings, first create a new record.

    • Test the new record to ensure the changes are correctly implemented.

    • This step helps in verifying whether the updates are functioning as intended.

  3. Reason for Segregated Records:

    • The design to not retroactively alter old records ensures the accuracy and consistency of historical data.

    • This approach prevents unintended modifications to financial and administrative records.


Always remember to create and test a new record after making changes to settings related to prices or taxes in ClinicMinds. This practice is essential for maintaining the accuracy and consistency of your clinic's records.

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