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Clinicminds VAT Guidelines
Clinicminds VAT Guidelines

An article discussing the way Clinicminds manages VAT on its invoices.

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This article provides an overview of the VAT processing procedures for clinics in the Netherlands, within the EU, and outside the EU. Learn how to correctly enter VAT numbers in Clinicminds, how billing is affected, and how you can reclaim any paid VAT.

Clinics in the Netherlands

Dutch clinics are subject to Dutch VAT (BTW) and can offset this through their VAT declaration.

Clinics within the EU

Clinics within the EU are subject to the Dutch VAT rate, unless they correctly enter their VAT numbers in their Clinicminds account. In that case, the invoice will be exclusive of VAT. When a clinic enters its VAT number in Clinicminds, we send an email within fifteen minutes to confirm whether or not the VAT has been validated.

If a clinic does not enter anything and they have paid the Dutch VAT, they may be able to claim back the VAT afterwards through their own local tax office.

Clinics outside the EU

For clinics outside the EU, no VAT is charged. The invoice will always be exclusive of VAT.


The VAT settings are determined by the country in which you enter your clinic details in Clinicminds. It's important to enter your correct VAT number right from the start, so we can validate the VAT correctly and generate the correct invoice.

Where should you enter your VAT number? See article Setup Guide: Clinic Data

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