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Quality Management Systems (QMS) are becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses across industries, including aesthetic clinics. By implementing a QMS, these clinics can benefit from improved quality control, enhanced compliance, and increased efficiency. Patients are likely to be more satisfied with the clinic's operations and overall experience, ultimately leading to improved business performance. This article explains how to use Clinicminds QMS.

Note: Clinicminds QMS is an additional service that can be added to your subscription for an additional fee. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you wish to learn more.

Buttons explained

Create folder:
The "create folder" button allows you to add a new folder to your QMS. Folders will appear at the top of your collection and can be used to gather all necessary documents in one place.

You are also able to add a folder to another folder. When creating a folder, add a name, assign its location, and finally, decide what users can access the folder. Hit "create" to save your changes:

If you want, you can label your folders. This allows you to clearly mark folders and documents that belong together and easily find them back. In order to add a label to a new folder, simply add your preferred label in the "labels'':

The "upload" button allows you to upload a new document to your QMS.
First, select the file you wish to upload. Add a name to a file and link it to a location within your QMS. One of your folders for example. Next, decide what user accounts can access the document by assigning the applicable user roles. Finally, add a revision reminder and date if necessary. An e-mail will be sent on the set-up revision date.

Note: The support file types that you can upload are (word, pdf, jpeg). There's also a file size limit of only 10 MB.

The three dots in the top right corner of QMS will show the following options:

Download: Allows you to download a selected document or folder. Folders will be downloaded as a ZIP file. Use this button if you want to change a document and replace it with your latest adjustments.
Rename: This allows you to rename the selected file or folder.
Move: You can move documents or folders to other folders by using this button.

Change access: change access permissions per folder or document.

Delete: Delete the selected folder or document.

How to add new revisions.

If you wish to add a new revision, go to the applicable document you wish to update, and click "show revisions" in the right upper corner. Next, click "new revision" and select the updated document from your device. The document that is uploaded most recently will appear by default. A new revision will be added to your QMS. You can switch between the different versions by clicking them in the right bar:

In this same menu, you can activate a revision reminder. As mentioned, an e-mail will be sent on the day of the set-up reminder date.

Tip: you can delete a revision by clicking the three dots visible behind each revision.

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