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Learn everything you need to know about the Clinicminds cash register

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The cash register is a versatile feature of Clinicminds that’ll show each and every one of your transactions on a daily base, it’s a very useful tool that’ll help you finalize transactions at the end of the day. It’ll direct you to invoices, wallet transactions, product sales, etc. in one window based on your filter adjustment. And with the filters where you can set the date, location, the user involved, and the payment method, you’ll be able to know how much cash should be in the register, how many payments are paid via cards in a location, etc.

You can find the cash register on the in-app Menu > Finance > Revenue > Cash register.

From there, on the upper part of the menu are the filters that you can adjust, starting from the date, locations, users (even removed ones) to the payment methods.

Once adjusted, right below will show the results based on the filter settings, including the invoices under ‘Payments’. And as you can see at the bottom of the screen, the amounts shown include taxes. As opposed to the revenue monitor, which excludes taxes.

Under “payments”, on the invoices, you’ll see that there’s ‘PDF, ‘Personal PDF’, and ‘Payment’. The Payment button will allow you to correct payments or register outstanding payments, a new window will pop up that’ll let you adjust the invoice:

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