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How do I add referrals ?
How do I add referrals ?

This article explains how to add referrals to your account

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To add more referrals to your account open the menu > clinic settings > referrals.

Here you can add or edit as many referrals as you need. 

To add a referral to a patient open the patient overview window, edit the patient details and choose the referral. 

How to add a referral to a client.

To add a referral to a client, click Edit patient in the patient overview. Scroll down and you will find Referrals. Here you can choose one of the referrals you added in the previous step.

Link referral to a new client.

A referral can be linked to a new client. To do this, click the icon in the right upper corner to add a new client (next to the shopping cart icon). Scroll down and you will find Referrals. Choose a referral that you previously added.

How to find referrals in reports.

To export a report, go to: Analytics>Reports. Under the header Patients, click Number of new patients. Fill in data, location and file size. The rapport will show you which referrals lead your customers to your clinic if the referrals are linked to your customers (previous step).

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