Export Working Times and Blocks

Learn how to export your working times and blocks

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As a business owner or manager, you know that scheduling can be a headache. Keeping track of employee availability, holiday schedules, and productivity can be a daunting task. That is why you can now export working times and blocks, this will allow you to quickly and easily export everyone's (or an individual's) schedule/s into a file format.

in order to export your working times or blocks, go to menu > reports and select the report you wish to export:

• Working times

• Blocks

Use Cases

There are several use cases for exporting the working times and blocks.

Availability overview: For example, although this can be easily viewed on the staff planner itself, by exporting and printing a schedule for the present week and/or the upcoming week/month, practitioners can provide their colleagues with a clear overview of their availability. This can be particularly helpful in situations where multiple practitioners are working together and need to coordinate their schedules. Admins can also use this feature to get a complete overview of scheduled holidays for the upcoming or past year. This can help you quickly determine when certain practitioners may not be available and plan accordingly.

Performance tracking: By exporting working times and blocks, you can track how many hours your employees are working and how productive they are during those hours. This can help you identify patterns or trends in productivity and make adjustments as needed.

Budgeting: If you run a business, exporting working times and blocks can help you track your labor costs and create accurate budgets. By tracking how many hours your employees are working and when, you can better plan for future expenses and adjust your budget accordingly.

Audit trail: Exporting working times and blocks can provide a useful audit trail for legal or compliance purposes. By tracking when employees are working and how many hours they're putting in, you can provide a clear record of your business operations.

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